Parking lots are a magnet for litter and hazardous materials found in storm water runoff. Things you don't pay much attention to, such as car fluids, brake dust, pesticides and cleaners gather on the surface and mix in with the dirt and rocks that come off of the roadways on car tires. This unwanted debris ends up in the storm drain each time it rains, polluting our water sources. Some people try to save money by blowing the debris off into the roadways or back into the grass when landscaping. This does not work and the debris comes right back when the wind blows. Complete removal of the debris is the main key in reducing storm water runoff.

Having a good, reputable sweeping service is the easiest way to remove these particles from the ground. A good vacuum sweeper, that is properly maintained, will easily pick up any of these materials. But, buyer beware! Not all sweepers are alike. When shopping for a service, ask for a free demonstration. This will allow you to see the contractors' equipment and what that equipment can do. A good sweeping contractor will want to show you all of the value-added features of their sweeper, such as curb brooms and dust suppression systems. With a commitment to our community and the environment, together we can make a clean water future.

Cheryl Monroe
Sweep Masters, Inc.

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