The Challenge

The challenge is to stop today’s pollution at the source. The bad news is – WE are the source. The good news is – WE have the power to fix it. DON'T BE TRASHY! As our coastal population increases, so does the trash we generate. The more people, the more trash. Littering, pouring paint or motor oil on the ground, washing leaves and grass clippings into a storm drain or any number of things we simply don’t think about, create pollution.

Spread The Word, Not The Pollution!

Our challenge is to adopt habits at home, work and play that turn the tide of pollution, then share those habits with friends, family and community leaders. Check out our campaign materials and schedule of events then JOIN THE MOVEMENT, it’s picking up!

A Note on Sources

We've attempted to verify all facts we have put in this website. While many of these areas represent on going research that is constantly evolving, we have stuck to what we feel are reputable sources. If you feel that we have misrepresented the facts in any way, please use our contact form to state your case along with any supporting documentation.