If we want to keep our water clean,

we need to know what makes it dirty...
and do something about it

Storm Water Background


When rain rushes over roofs, roads, and parking lots, it carries everything it touches into storm drains that empty into our streams, rivers, and bays. The good news: there are many simple ways we can all help eliminate the litter and plastic debris, vehicle and household chemicals, leaves and grass clippings, and other pollutants that wind up in our waterways.

Your Challenge:

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Why it's important

The Create a Clean Water Future campaign was developed to address limitations of local governments to fully adopt stormwater management programs and a need to help Alabama residents understand the link between reducing polluted runoff and the preservation of a unique way of life built on Alabama's waterways. The Create a Clean Water Future public service campaign is designed to explain what stormwater is and to encourage individual actions resulting in the reduction of stormwater pollution at both an individual and community level.

We've asked thousands of locals what they value most, and time and time again, they tell us they value clean water that they can fish in, swim in, is beautiful, and pollution free. Some people don't realize how certain activities can pollute our waters, so we've come up with a list of simple tips that you can incorporate in your day to day life that will help make you a clean water future creator. From keeping trash contained in the bed of your pickup truck to attending an area litter clean up, every little bit helps, and as each of us does our little part, we'll make sure our streams, rivers, bayous, and bays are clean and beautiful for generations to come

Clean Water Future News

Individuals and business are doing their part to help create a clean water future for the rest of us. This is where we highlight the good work that is being done.