Fairhope Curbside Recycing



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The City of Fairhope recycles the following items curbside:


Paper - newspaper, office paper, glossy magazines, junk mail Cardboard - non-waxed only (break these down, no filler materials) Scrap metals - including aluminum, steel cans, and appliances. Please rinse cans Glass Bottles - all colors. Please rinse bottles and non-broken glass only Plastic bottles - All jugs with screwtop lids. Rinse, remove lid and compact, please. All jugs number 1 through 7. The only plastic bottle that is not accepted is Motor Oil bottles. All materials must be placed in separate containers (or bag different materials in same container) in a container marked "Recycling"...free "Fairhope Recycles" stickers are available at City Hall or the Public Utilities Warehouse. OTHER RECYCLING ITEMS OF INTEREST: Electronics - Computers, TV's, small appliances...bring in to Public Works to recycle Ink & Toner Cartridges, household batteris - Should be taken to Fairhope High School Tires - bring in to the recycling center for a fee (recycled into fuel!) Eye Glasses -take to Bay Eyes to recycle Ni Cad (rechargeable) batteries - take to any Radio Shack store or to Fairhope High School Car batteries - bring in to the recycling center Household Hazardous Waste - bring in to the recycling center Large appliances, bicycles, other metals need to be brought in to the recycling center (for free) or call for a special collection (for a fee) UNACCEPTABLE OR NON-RECYCLABLE ITEMS: No Plastic Bags or other non-bottle plastics No Styrofoam peanuts or plastic filler materials No Pressurized tanks (butane tanks can be taken to Amerigas in Robertsdale) No Waxed Cardboard No food-contaminated material (rinse all bottles and cans) No light bulbs, windows, or mirrors