Do the Trash Mob Dance

Created by the MBNEP and the Coastal Conservation Corps, the 'Trash Mob' utilizes the pop-culture phenomenon of a "flash mob" to raise awareness and encourage behavioral change toward reducing littering and Creating a Clean Water Future. Participants meet in crowded spaces and perform a 'spontaneous' dance to a catchy song, "Pick Up the Trash", with an anti-littering message.


  • There's Too Much Plastic in the Ocean

    A recent high-quality study found that there is a huge amount of plastic trash in our oceans. This plastic pollution makes our waters unsafe and unsightly.

    Plastic Recovered from Dauphin Island Beach by Caitlin Wessel

  • To Stop Litter, We all Need to do our Part

    Despite years of industry regulations, litter ordinances, and educational advancements, our area's waters continues to be threatened by a variety of pollutants. While no single government, business, or organization keep our waters clean, together, as we all do our part, we can create a clean water future.

  • Stormwater Washes Litter into Our Waters

    When it rains, litter is washed into storm drains and into our creeks, rivers, and bays.

Things You Can Do

  • Download Pick Up The Trash

    The Trash Mob is perfomed to the song Pick Up The Trash. Download it today so you can practice the Trash Mob wherever you are!

    Download Pick Up The Trash (MP3)

  • Learn How to do the Trash Mob

    Watch the tutorial to find out how to do the Trash Mob.

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