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Pick Up After Your Dog

Would you like to swim in a pool surrounded by dog poop? No? Come on, a little dog poop does not hurt, does it? Not only is it yucky, it can make us and other animals sick. There are all sorts of nasty bacteria and worms in dog poop. Many of these are so small you canít even see them without a microscope.

Lucky for us, dogs donít like to poop in the water. The bad news is that lots of poop still ends up in our streams and waters because when dogs poop on the grass, rain washes the poop down into the street then down the storm drain. And those storm drains lead right down into our streams and bayous.

So next time you take your dog for a walk, take a bag with you to pick up their poop. Your neighbours will love you for it, and you help keep the water safe for fishing and swimming.


Major Source of Bacteria in Urban Watersheds

Dog poop is one of the top five largest contributors of bacteria contamination in urban watersheds (USA Today, 2002).

Escherichia coli at 10,000◊ magnification Photo by Eric Erbe

10 Million Tons of Dog Poop Per Year

The 83 million pet dogs in the US produce over 10 million tons of poop per year: enough to fill up semi trucks stretching from Boston to Seattle (LiveScience, 2014).

Photo by PRA CC BY 2.5

Adenovirus, parvovirus, giardia, coccidia, roundworm, and tapeworm

These are just a start of the long list of bad bugs and worms that can make us sick when we are exposed to pet waste (USA Today, 2002).

Escherichia coli at 10,000◊ magnification Photo by Eric Erbe

Dog Poop Leads to Nutrient Pollution

Large amounts of dog poop washed into storm drains isnít a good thing. Dog poop is full of nitrogen, a nutrient that stimulates the growth of algae and weeds in the water that can kill fish. Find more about nutrient pollution (EPA Factsheet).

Fish Kill from Karenia Brevis - Photo: Alison Robertson, Ph. D.

Things You Can Do

Bring a Bag

Use biodegradable bags to pick up pet waste. You can even keep the bags wrapped on your leash. Pick up the poop, tie up the bag, then throw the bag in a trash can.

Gorilla Supply EPI Pet Poop Bags from Amazon

Reuse Shopping Bags

Shopping bags, bread bags, and those bags that the newspaper is delivered in make great poop bags.

Toss the Bag

Remember to throw the bag in a trash!

Flush Dog Poop Down the Toilet

Throw Dog Poop down the toilet (but donít flush the bag!)

Talk About Your Dog

Talk about your dog and dog poo in school as assignment or at church and Sunday School.

Get Bag Dispensers At School and Your Neighborhood

Ask your parents and teachers to help you set up a dog poop bag program at your school. If your school already has bag stations, volunteer to keep them filled.

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