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  • To Stop Litter, We all Need to do our Part

    Despite years of industry regulations, litter ordinances, and educational advancements, our area's waters continues to be threatened by a variety of pollutants. While no single government, business, or organization keep our waters clean, together, as we all do our part, we can create a clean water future.

  • 200M Items in 30 years

    Over the course of the 30-year history of the International Coastal Cleanup, volunteers have removed over 200 million items from beaches and waterways around the world. The top-ten list of items removed includes items like plastics bottles, plastic bottle caps, aluminum cans, cigarette butts, derelict fishing gear and a range of disposable plastic goods and food packaging. (Ocean Conservancy, 2016)

  • 750 Tons of Debris in Alabama in 30 Years

    Since 1987, over 77,000 volunteers have participated in the Alabama Coastal Cleanups and picked up a total of more than 750 tons of debris. (Alabama Coastal Cleanup, 2015)

    Debris on Dauphin Island Beach - Photo by Caitlin Wessel

  • Over 5 Million Tons of Plastic

    Of the 300 million tons of plastic waste created in 2010 in coastal countries, scientists believe 5.2 to 14 million tons of it enters the oceans then washes up on our beaches (Science, 2015).

    Degraded plastics recovered from Dauphin Island by Caitlin Wessel

Things You Can Do

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    The membership agreement makes you a partner of the Create a Clean Water Future campaign giving you access to logos, promotional materials and more for use in your advertising, emails, and promotions.

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    Let your customers know that you are a Clean Water Future partner. We'll include a sticker in your welcome kit we send you after you sign the partnership form. If you need multiple stickers, let us know!

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    We have a growing list of resources for you to use in your email correspondence

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