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Get On the Water

Getting out on the water is not only fun and can be great exercise, the more you use the water, the more likely it is you'll think about protecting it. So go ahead, go for a swim, get your fishing pole, tak a boat for a ride, or attend a water festival near you.


Our Waters Are In Danger

Too many of our streams, bayous and bays have trash and other pollutants floating in them. This not only detracts from their beauty but can also cause many different types of ecological harm.

Lack of Access

Development patterns and socio-economic factors can make the waterways in urban areas inaccessible to even nearby neighborhoods. This lack of access lessens the benefits that communities can gain from waters that are widely accessible for recreation and fishing. National Estuary Programs work to improve citizen access and when people get on the water, they often want to do more to take care of a resource they can use and enjoy. (EPA)

Things You Can Do

Go Kayaking or Canoeing

When you're paddling down the streams and bayous around Mobile, there is so much to explore, and you see first hand the damage pollution can have.

Go to The Beach

Alabama has some of the best beaches in the country. Whether you want to catch some, sun, go surfing, or build a sand castle, the beach is a great place to relax and enjoy our greatest resource, water. Check out the Waterkeeper Swim Guide to find the swimming conditions at your favorite beach.

Go Boating

Boats can be a great way to experience our waters. While you’re out on the water, go water skiing, knee boarding, or cast out a line and catch your dinner. Check out some of the boating access points near you.

Go Fishing

Make sure you have the appropriate licenses first, then drop a hook and see what bites. Fishing can be a relaxing and fun way to discover new waters near you.

Take a Bike Ride

There are several bike paths and routes in the area that are by our area streams, rivers, and bays.

Go for a Walk or Hike

The Gulf Coast has many trails near water that are not only fun and beautiful, they are often very educational. Check out one of the many state parks in the area, or take advantage of one of the many multi-use trails through our cities and towns.

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