A Redfish Tale - Educational Materials

A Redfish Tale uses animated redfish to explain the sources and impacts of excess nutrients in Gulf coastal waters, and how small changes in behavior can have a dramatic effect on water quality. The educational content of the video was developed in conjunction with marine biologists from the DISL Discovery Hall Program to ensure scientific accuracy and AMSTI has developed supplementary educational material to accompany the video.

The plot involves two high school students (played by Alabama School of Math and Science student actors), Zac, a scooter-riding slacker, and Kelsey, a motivated honor student, assigned to work together to create a video about watersheds. While Kelsey works, Zac “slacks”, takes a scooter ride, falls and encounters two animated redfish at the shoreline. Jimbo and Thibodeaux enlighten him (and viewers) about nutrient over-enrichment, eutrophication, and hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico. The presentation ends with a challenge to viewers to produce and submit their own short video programs.

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