Litter is not only unsightly, it causes a variety of problems to the ecosystem as it enters our streams, rivers, and bays. Much of the litter found in area cleanups is single-use plastic food and drink containers, but other types of litter include discarded food waste, tires, paper and cardboard trash, and discarded fishing gear.

Litter has wide ranging negative effects on the environment. While plastics never biodegrade, they slowly degrade into smaller and smaller pieces that can cause significant harm to fish and marine invertebrates that mistake it for food. Plastics along with old tires can also leach harmful chemicals into the water causing wide ranging negative effects. Tires and aluminum cans often provide a habitat for disease carrying mosquitoes.

The prevalence of these unnatural substances in the environment has a long term detrimental effect on the ecosystems of the fresh-water, estuaries, and oceans that we value.

Common Sources:Plastic Drink Bottles, Polystyrene Cups and Togo Containers, Shopping Bags, Food Wrappers, Straws, Discarded Food, Paper Napkins, Tires, Plastic Utensils, Fishing Gear, Balloons

Things you can do: Carry Your Own Cup, Recycle Your Water Bottle, Bring Your Own Bag, Carry a Lunchbox